Guyana: Service for the creation of awareness tools

Réf : PF240_GEO_GEO_2022_0008

In the framework of its project « REMPART Epidemic », the Guiana Red Cross, in partnership with the French Red Cross, wishes to subscribe to the service described below: A consultancy to create epidemic risk awareness tools for awareness raising sessions with pupils in Guyana.

The main objective of this consultancy is to: Raise awareness of epidemic risks to pupils and impact a larger scale of the population with the circulation of information in family circles. This campaign should indeed contribute to behavior change among children to reduce their vulnerability to epidemic hazards. The campaign has to promote a participatory and inclusive approach

We invite companies wishing to bid to submit their technical & financial not later than 28th of June 2022, under reference PF240_GEO_GEO_2022_0008, By email: , attention Project Manager, Andrea Phillips.


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