Disability Inclusive Review Toolkit (Food Security) – Remote – September to December 2023

Terms of Reference 


Disability Inclusive Review Toolkit (Food Security) 

Remote – September to December 2023  


1. Context / Background

Persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters. Environmental, institutional, and attitudinal barriers prevent them from accessing humanitarian assistance and participating in decisions on issues affecting their lives.  

Continuing gaps in disability-inclusive humanitarian coordination, evidence, and the limited collection and use of quality disability-disaggregated data in the design of response strategies and operational programming have meant persons with disabilities are routinely left behind during humanitarian programming.  

The ‘From Guidelines to Action’ project implemented by Humanity and Inclusion / Federation Handicap International (HI) will directly address this by supporting interested humanitarian actors to strengthen their capacity to collect and utilize data information with and on affected people with disabilities, to coordinate effectively on issues of disability-inclusion, and to design and implement interventions which are accessible to persons with disabilities and promote their meaningful engagement and empowerment.  

The project will have a specific focus on humanitarian coordination, protection and food security sectors and will work closely with clusters in two pilot countries, implementing partners engaged humanitarian stakeholders in the country and at the global level, and specialist advisors in each area to maintain global quality and technical standards. A key component is the development of tools including: 

  • Identification and disability-focused analysis of existing tools; 
  • Co-creation of disability-inclusive data collection tools in general protection and food security based on identified gaps in commonly used tools; 
  • Publication and dissemination of adapted toolsets.

2. Purpose of the Consultancy  

HI in collaboration with representatives from the Technical Task Force of this project, namely from IRC, and UNICEF, has nearly finalized a Disability Inclusive Review toolkit (Protection) to support protection actors to align organizational toolsets (SoPs, KII guide, FGD guide e.t.c) with the IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action and incorporate existing good practice.  

Our next step is to develop a similar analytical review toolkit for Food Security toolsets including vulnerability assessments, distribution monitoring, post distribution monitoring among others. This toolkit will be developed based on an assessment of frequently / commonly used food security tools in humanitarian crises. This will involve identification of gaps, good practices for replication, and lessons and feedback for incorporation into the final review toolkit. 

The services of a consultant are required to support our Technical Team to develop and finalise the disability-inclusive review toolkit (food security) into a comprehensive and user-friendly toolkit. This will include co-facilitation of a first review & adapt workshop with global Food Security advisors, a second review & adapt workshop with local Food Security actors, and the incorporation of the feedback. 

3. Key Deliverables 

The Consultant is expected to deliver the following: 

  • An agreed Plan of Action in consultation with HI staff and review of relevant project documentation (2 days) 
  • Undertake a light review of ‘typical’ food security needs assessment tools for gaps, good practices and question banks in disability inclusiveness (5 days) 
  • Reframe the Disability Inclusive Review Toolkit (Food Security) in accordance with the identified assessment learnings identified in the review of the selected food security tools (aligning to the structure of the protection toolkit) (5 days) 
  • Select good practices and develop questions to ensure that food security needs assessment and monitoring toolkits are inclusive of specific and basic needs of persons with disabilities (2 days) 
  • Establish a question bank to address the identified gaps in the needs assessment tool kits and reference good practices, as much as they exist (2 days) 
  • Co-facilitate an online review and adapt workshop at global level (2,25 h) and one at local level (2,25 h) dates are to be confirmed (2 days including preparation) 
  • Incorporate the feedback received from the two review and adapt workshops on disability inclusive Food Security (2 days) 
  • Finalise Food Security Toolkit, ensuring (2 days):  
  1. Review and editing the guidance for introducing and using the tool kit from a user-friendliness and simplicity perspective  
  2. Comprehensiveness and alignment with Food Security sector terminology

4. Accessibility Policy 

All documents should follow international standards of accessibility. This means that the documents (including pdf, word files, and ppts), texts, images, forms, sounds, etc. should be accessible, meeting the varying requirements of persons with different types of impairments and being understandable by as many people as possible without discrimination based on impairment, gender, age, or other factors.  


5.Time and Location of the Service  


We anticipate that the Consultant will work 20-25 days, over the period from September to December 2023. Upon selection, this timeline will be defined and can be slightly adapted, if needed. The work will be remote.  

6. Mechanisms for Communication and Monitoring  

For all contractual purposes the primary contact person for the selected Consultant will be Charles Lunn, Project Manager. The Consultant will work closely with Ulrike Last, HI’s Technical Specialist.

At the commencement of the Service there will be an online kick off meeting to introduce the Consultant to the relevant HI team members and ensure that the Consultant has all the required background resources. 

7. HI Policies, Procedures and Ethics 

The Consultant shall commit to comply with all Protection Policies, Code of Conduct, Good Business Practices, General Purchasing Conditions available for consultation on HI’s website. HI’s data protection policy can be viewed via this link.  

In addition, the selected Consultant must adhere to not sub-contracting; we intend to conclude one contract for the service described. 

 8. Consultant(s) Profile  

  • Masters-level degree in international humanitarian action, international development, international relations, disability studies, human rights or similar.  
  • At least 5-10 years of experience in the field of food security in humanitarian response in a UN agency, non-governmental organization or a reputable international or national organization preferred. 
  • Understanding of and work experience on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian programming during crisis situations, with a broad perspective on humanitarian protection, related standards and guidance.  
  • Excellent research and analytical skills, with experience in documentation and case study collection.   
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural environment and on a remote-basis with large number of stakeholders.  

 9. Application process 

Applications must be sent to: c.lunn@hi.org by 24th September 2023 to be considered they should contain:  

  1. Letter of Motivation + Technical Proposal,
  2. Financial Proposal,
  3. Curriculum Vitae,
  4. Evidence / copies of previous similar work 

Please note: all applications will be assessed on the following weighting: 

  • 30% Motivation and Technical Proposal  
  • 10% Financial Offer (daily rates including VAT) 
  • 40% CV and professional experience  
  • 20% Examples of Relevant work 

Please note: for the financial proposal HI will cover daily fees and other associated costs. 

Additional information requests are welcome and should be directed to Ulrike Last, u.last@hi.org 




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