Content Manager for the First Aid App


Content Manager for the First Aid App

Remote consultancy for the IFRC Global First Aid

Reference Centre, French Red Cross


Would you like to contribute to the development of an app available in more than 100 countries and saves millions of lives every year? This mission is for you!


Contact person: Eloïse De Almeida First Aid Application Manager at the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre,

Application packages should be received no later than 11:59pm CEST on 10 August 2022.



All over the world, the Red Cross and Red Crescent network (RCRC) helps vulnerable people and communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies and health crises by mobilizing the power of the world’s largest humanitarian network, made up of 192 National Societies and more than 12 million volunteers. In all our work, we abide by the seven fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.


While the Red Cross and Red Crescent network has a long history and tradition of humanitarian service, they must continue to innovate and evolve to address the changing patterns of threats to safety and resilience affecting vulnerable communities throughout the world. In the face of global trends that may likely exacerbate the impacts of disasters, such as rapid urbanization and climate change, Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies must develop additional capacity and resources to effectively meet changing needs. That’s where the first aid app fit and seek to support National Societies in delivering and offering their public first aid knowledge and practice through an easy-to-use tool that they can customize.

About the organisation

Since 2012, the French Red Cross has been hosting the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) within the International Operations Division. The GFARC is one of the 12 reference centres of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). It contributes to building the first aid capacity of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world.

For more information on our projects, please visit our website.

About the first aid app

The Universal First Aid App was created by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC), another reference centre, hosted by the American Red Cross as a platform to facilitate the adaptation and localization of mobile applications with first aid and hazard preparedness information for use in countries across the globe. The American Red Cross has been hosting, managing and administering the Universal First Aid Application for the last 10 years. The main target audience is the general public, who want to learn and act for first aid situations (cardiac massage etc.) and maintain their knowledge. Since then this app model has scaled to include 108+ RCRC National Societies and their communities. Millions of users have downloaded it, and first aid trainers regularly use it to complement their courses.


The GDPC’s Universal App Program provides efficient and cost-effective access to first aid and hazard apps that inform users about what to do before, during and after emergencies. The GDPC has created an easily-adaptable mobile app platform—based on existing Red Cross Red Crescent mobile apps— and works with National Societies around the world to facilitate the localization and customization of app content. They drive the development and marketing of the apps, ensuring that the content is appropriate and relevant to each local context.


To discover and download the current application, click here for the international version, or look for it using the key word “first aid app” in your app store.

Main stakeholders

A transition is currently taking place and the management of this application will be transferred to the GFARC at the French Red Cross, in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. A global redesign of the application is caring out, both in terms of form and content, with several actors:

  • The Global Disaster Preparedness Centre (current manager)
  • The Digital Transformation and IT department of the IFRC (future host of the solution)
  • The English company 3 Sided Cube (developer of the application)
  • The IFRC’s Health & Care department (part of the content)


The GFARC will have a leading role in the management of this project, especially for the content.

 Challenges & Opportunities

The Universal First Aid App (UAP) is based on offering several benefits to the National Societies participating, including the capacity to offer the app in multiple languages, the ability for them  to manage the app content and join the program without a fee, and offer their users apps compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

While the program management, technical support, and continuous scaling of the UAP generally and the First Aid app in particular have been successful, user expectations for mobile apps have evolved since the app was designed nearly a decade ago. Feature and content enhancements have kept pace with National Societies requests and demand, and improved the app incrementally, but there has not been a reconceptualization, redesign, or redevelopment of the app in its lifetime.

Blended Learning

Building on the Blended Learning research conducted by GDPC in 2019, and based on demand from National Society partners, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are immense opportunities to be had in a new version of the First Aid app that harnesses the opportunities of mobile app-based learning, improvements in user experience design, evolution of app content management, and linkages to other systems. These opportunities along with the many years of experience and lessons learned by GDPC managing the app program dovetail to create the right time for a revamp of the first aid app to modernize the back end structure, UX interface, support an active learning process, and link to NS first aid business systems.   

Key benefits of blended learning include increased flexibility allowing students to learn without the barriers of time and location but having in-person support available; increased interaction – blended learning offers a platform to facilitate greater interactivity between students; and enhanced learning, additional types of learning activities improve engagement and help students achieve more meaningful levels of learning. For organizations like Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies, blended learning for first aid can enable them to deliver consistent quality through standard modules especially if training is required in multiple locations. National Societies can also save costs by conducting shorter hands-on sessions to reinforce skills and knowledge.  


Future of Universal First Aid App

This section outlines specific aspects of the app that should be improved or enhanced. This list is not exhaustive and will be reviewed during the different phases of the project. We provide here an overview for the future consultant to better envision the role and expectations.  Based on the results of the First App Feedback Study, and input from National Societies and other stakeholders, some comprehensive requirements will be include such as:

  • Engaging and active learning, allowing users to see and track their progress through the app content, see where they have gaps, build their knowledge, and increase confidence in their skills and ability to assist in emergencies
  • Linkages to RCRC National Society blended learning systems, allowing users to apply their in-app learning toward a first aid certificate and supporting the First Aid business for the National Societies
  • Considering options like microlearning and single-hand (and hands free) interaction to allow for on-the-go incremental learning
  • Considering cross platform learning approaches to expand interactions of the user beyond the app environment (e.g. through the Global first aid reference centre website).
  • Modernized app design and UX/UI interface.
  • Leverage technology improvements since the inception of the program to modernize the back end code and architecture.
  • Improved multi-lingual capability regardless of the user’s location.
  • CMS improvements
  • Improved emergency experience, perhaps integrating new tech such as voice interaction or AI/chatbots.
  • Streamlining the architecture of the app into a more universal core set of content accessible by all users in their preferred language, while still enabling some areas of the app content to be contextualized based on the user’s local Red Cross National Society.

Description of the mission

Intended objectives


The purpose of the mission will be to build an updated and new content for the new first aid app taking into account the realities of National Societies and different environment. The content needs to be easy-to-use and can be modified by National Societies to fit with their local context.

Target groups


The primary target group is the general public, mainly adults ranging from 15 to 70 years old.

No prior knowledge from them is necessary; however, the app might be also good tool for refreshers after a first aid course. The general public can use the app for learning purpose (they have time and willingness to learn) and emergency purposes (they face a situation and they would like to know what to do).


The challenge of the project is to make the app as inclusive as possible of every contexts and situations including urban, remote, hot or cold environment. A great emphasis and further research needs to be undertaken on cultural aspect as well, as we target 192 countries.


Secondary target group to keep in mind would be the first aid trainers and programmers, would use the app for training purpose, as a pre-course or during-course material. National Societies will have the opportunity to contextualize the app.

Expected deliverables

  • Table of contents and app mapping for the following “learn” modules : first aid, diseases, psychological first aid, safety
  • Content pieces in rough format (word, excel) of the redesigned first aid app for the following sections: welcome page, onboarding, first aid plan personalization, profile, learn first aid (around 60 topics), learn safety (10 topics), emergency, my Red Cross Red Crescent, others relevant functionalities such as privacy policy and more information.
  • Above content pieces through the CMS chosen.
  • Proofreading on diseases and psychological first aid section on word + CMS
  • Guidance for National Societies on how to contextualize the content (Word format)
  • Specifications for a series of inclusive and diverse illustrations and iconographies for the app.

Setup of the mission


The consultant will be supported remotely by following team:

  • Eloïse De Almeida, first aid app manager (GFARC)
  • Salomé Boucif, first aid officer (GFARC)

The consultant will work in coordination with the stakeholders mentioned above and National Societies part of the project or willing to do so (first aid programmers, digital managers).


Timetable 2022

Due date Task
15 AugustStart date
25 AugustFirst draft proposed for the content pieces
18-3 SeptemberBack and forth, adjustment made to the content pieces
20 AugustFirst draft for the specifications
15 SeptemberProofreading on disease and psychological first aid content
16 SeptemberFinal content pieces and proofreading
20 OctoberReview of illustrations and iconography by the consultant
25 OctoberFinal illustrations and content
31 OctoberFirst integration trough CMS in English, French, Spanish and Arabic
20 NovemberAdjustment to the CMS and finalization
30 NovemberFinal report
Total up to 4 months


Adjustment to the schedule will be made according to the consultant contracting process and the team availability to proofread. Duration expected for the complete consultancy is 4 months for the start date, with possibility of extension, given that the consultant shall be full time on the project (from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

It is not expected that the consultant will translate the content of the first aid app.

Responsibilities and duties

The Global First Aid Reference Centre and project team will

  • Provide the consultant with the necessary information and document to properly fulfill his/her missions
  • Set up different briefings and follow-up
  • Provide access to existent online library and relevant contacts within the network
  • Review the draft of the consultant and make appropriate, clear comments so that he/she can continue writing.


The consultant will be writing, editing and proofreading the first aid app content and producing specifications for providing an illustration and medial library. This includes: 

  • Identifying users’ needs and gaps in our current content, materials and recommend new topics
  • Developing clear, easy-to-understand and attractive headlines and body for the first aid app (summary of table)
  • Brainstorming with the team to come up with engaging ideas
  • Creating, drafting, producing original content after doing a Guidelines analysis
  • Researching first aid related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies)
  • Taking inspiration from other’s innovative contents
  • Having discussion with project managers, designers and creative team
  • Formulating a cross-platform content strategy
  • Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
  • Tracking web analytics to ascertain content engagement levels
  • Preparing well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems
  • QC content to ensure it is free of grammatical or factual errors and follows all brand editorial guidelines for consistency
  • Proofreading and editing content before publication
  • Submitting work to the team in an easy-to-use manner for input and approval
  • Writing clear specifications for inclusive illustrations aimed at the design company
  • Coordinating with the first aid app project manager and design teams to illustrate the app
  • Updating content as needed
  • Providing editorial, creative and technical support to team members if needed
  • Preparing reports on project performance
  • Coming up with process improvement initiatives and implement them.

Quality and ethical standards

The consultant should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the assignment is designed and conducted to respect and protect the rights and welfare of people and the communities of which they are members, and to ensure that the analysis is technically accurate, reliable, and legitimate. The collected data has to be safeguarded, respecting existing data security rules, to protect the rights of the individual.

Consultant Profile and selection criteria


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in education sciences, teaching, public health, communications, journalism, or related field.
  • Trainer of Trainer in first aid preferred or experienced First Aid Trainer  C1 certification completed in English language, if not native.
  • Additional following languages are a plus: Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin.


Required experience

  • Proven work experience as a Content Writer, Copywriter or similar role
  • Experience doing research using multiple sources
  • Creativity and the ability to develop original content for first aid topics
  • Ability to develop content that provoke engagement and enhance learning for first aid
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in English
  • Highly computer literate and advanced knowledge of HTML
  • Familiarity with web/app publications
  • Hands-on experience with Content Management Systems (e.g. WordPress)
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to meet deadlines  Strong leadership qualities  Effective communication skills.


NECESSARY: The consultant shall be entitled as a legal company on its own or collective one, thus, he or she shall be able to produce legal bill and invoice so that the French Red Cross can pay him or her. Bank transfer to personal account cannot be accepted.


Selection will also take into account the following application materials, as well as the immediate availability and commitment to full-time role as a consultant.

Application Materials

Interested and suitable candidates should submit an application package in English, which includes the following. Please note that any proposal, which does not contain all items, will be rejected.


  1. CV including summary of your experience in relation to the role
  2. Statement of Interest or cover letter including ideas for enhancement
  3. Written proposal for the content for 1 first aid topics to be integrated in the app* (see below)
  4. Financial proposal, including cost breakdowns per major activity/deliverable
  5. Professional references: please provide two references from your previous clients.


*Written proposal for the content for 1 first aid topic: Kindly write one content piece for one of the topic below, as you will see it for the first aid. This exercise is propose to measure your ability to produce relevant and engaging content for a wide range of laypeople and learners. You shall focus on the learning pathway rather than the pure technique. It shall not be more than 2 pages, and you are not expected to provide photos, illustrations, just text with titled if necessary.


First aid topics to choose (up to one): Burns, bleeding, stroke or snakebites.




Applications should be submitted to the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre First Aid Application Manager Eloïse De Almeida:

Incomplete applications or those received after the above deadline will not be considered. You can combine all application materials into a single file in PDF format, if you like.


Application packages should be received no later than 11:59pm CEST on 10 August 2022.


The selection committee panel will be composed of 1 member of the IFRC, 1 member of the GDPC, 1 member of the IFRC GFARC and 1 member of the French Red Cross. Selection is based on the above criteria reflected in the application, and there won’t be interviews (only for the person selected).


As an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, well-qualified women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Global First Aid Reference Centre Website

Universal First Aid App information Download the current App


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