ATIA Final evaluation – Personalised social support to the most vulnerable families living in India’s slums

Created in 2008, ATIA is a non-profit organisation specialised in the implementation and follow-up of concrete development programmes. The countries of intervention are India, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Mozambique.

This evaluation comes at the end of 3-year funding cycle by the French Development Agency (FDA. The evaluation was delayed as much as possible due to travel restrictions related to the Covid pandemic. It will feed into the actions that will be implemented during the India-Madagascar multi-country project. The evaluation focuses on the actions implemented within the project since July 2018 in Mumbai and Jaipur with our 4 Indian partners.

The general objectives of the evaluation are: to qualitatively evaluate the actions implemented during the psychosocial support of the followed-up families, to qualitatively evaluate ATIA’s intervention strategy with these families, Evaluate the referencing system.

The deliverables for this evaluation will be written in English or French and in Word (or compatible) format. A framework paper (or scoping note), sent to ATIA several days before the field visits, a provisional report will be given to ATIA and will be the basis for a dissemination meeting in the field and in Versailles. A final report (maximum 30 pages, including annexes) will be produced following the discussions on the draft report.

This evaluation will be conducted by an Indian resident expert (due to travel restrictions) who will be responsible for the evaluation and available for meetings (by video) with whom the contract will be signed. This expert may be accompanied by collaborators.

ATIA foresees 23 days of mission (see Methodology section above). The financial offers will amount to a maximum total of €12,000 (excluding the amounts paid by ATIA). Travel costs to Mumbai and Jaipur will be included in the proposal. ATIA will reimburse the Mumbai-Jaipur airfare and local accommodation costs upon presentation of receipts. The consultant is responsible for the local logistical organisation related to the smooth running of the evaluation (accommodation bookings, local transport if necessary…).

Please send your bids by 20 June 2021 to with the subject « EVAL/INDIA ».

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