Access to Assistive Technology for Persons with Sensory Impairment – Methodological Guide

In the framework of its 10-year strategy, Humanity & Inclusion committed to ensuring access to specific services to people with disabilities, including people with sensory impairment. Such services include, among many others, access to and provision of Assistive Technology. However, when it comes to Assistive Technologies for persons with sensory impairment, HI’s field experiences and positioning still lacks formalization and clear guidelines. In order to address this gap, HI is looking for a consultant that could support the development of a methodological guide that includes the most frequent assistive devices to be considered in the framework of our interventions.

Overall Objective

The mission’s overall objective is to support HI in defining what it means and implies for the organisation to “provide assistive products to people with sensory impairment”. In particular, HI is keen to better understand:

  • ·What it would require in terms of HR skills, infrastructure, service delivery package, follow-up and maintenance…
  • ·The selection and quality criteria that could be used when identifying and developing collaborations with service providers where the users could be referred to
  • What quality control process could be put in place for this kind of intervention

Specific Objectives and deliverables

The mission’s specific objective is to produce a list of assistive technology specific to persons with sensory disabilities that HI should or could provide to its beneficiaries within its projects. Specifically, the list should:

  • Be based on current practices and field experiences – requiring to finalize a mapping of what is being done within HI’s projects (in particular in Inclusive Education and possibly Rehabilitation and Economic Inclusion): where are we providing access to sensory AT? What kind of AT are we providing? Within which kind of services? with which partners? Under which quality and monitoring framework?
  • Take into account the WHO’s Assistive Technology’ standards (GATE initiative and the “Priority Assistive Products List”) and WHO’ sensory aids services (differentiating individual and/or medical AT from equipment/items for services such as classrooms)
  • Be in line with HI’s rehabilitation policies and guidelines and its internal expertise (or lack of)
  • Be in-line with HI’s procurement/market standards and tools (LINK, available project resources and financial resources)
  • Provide detailed information on each of the identified items: technical description of the device/item (as per LINK standards), usage and requirements in terms of selection, quality standards, prescription, adaptation, maintenance and repair, professional competencies needed and service follow-up
  • Propose possible collaborations at field level for the provision and follow-up of these devices


  • Special educator, speech and language therapist, orthoptist or similar
  • Experienced in supporting persons with sensory impairment
  • Proven experience in with provision of assistive devices/technology and knowledge in standards for assistive technology to support learners with sensory impairments in Low and Middle Income Countries
  • Ideally, with past experience with HI
  • Working language: required – English and French.
  • Autonomous


  • · Start date: December 1st (or as soon as possible depending on availability)
  • · Mission end date: December 20th
  • · Mission timetable and number of days to be spent by the Consultant: the schedule is to be proposed by the Consultant
  • · Service location(s): The mission is expected to take place remotely – any location applies. HI’s contact offices are Lyon and Brussels


  • · On the basis of the proposed timetable laid down in these Terms of Reference, the Consultant must set up a work schedule for the performance of the service, including the consultancy costs
  • · The work schedule must clearly specify the manner in which the Consultant will approach the activities required to perform the service.
  • · The schedule must indicate the progress and/or the standard of service performance, including the criteria and/or indicators to check that the service provision is proceeding smoothly.
  • · Available budget is 4900EUR, all taxes included


No mission report is expected. The expected deliverable (see above “specific objective”) should provide enough information making a mission report redundant


Within the framework of the service provision, the Consultant will be asked to collaborate with Humanity and Inclusion’s teams and in particular with Mr Didier Demey who will be the point of contact.

How to apply


Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposal (work schedule and costs), a CV and a cover letter to Didier Demey ( by the 15th of November 2021.

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