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STOP COVID-19, a freely accessible on-line training course for frontline responders to this global health…

Our objective is to rapidly provide those frontline actors with the means to inform and protect efficiently and safely.

A free on-line training course|Bioforce launches “STOP COVID-19” a freely accessible on-line training course

Bioforce launches today "STOP COVID-19 - Essentials for the prevention and control of the virus", a freely accessible, on-line, succint and practical, self learning tool in French, aimed at national and international actors deployed for the prevention and control of the virus in local communities where confinement is particularly difficult.

In countries where the health systems is already fragile and where confining the population is impossible, mitigating the spread of the virus and protecting front-line staff and volunteers is an absolute priority. In such contexts, large scale communication and application of preventive measures is critically important, and building awareness of the population has become a major public health challenge. This mission will be carried out by a wide variety of actors (State, community based organisations, national and international humanitarian organisations …) working with local communities, both in urban and rural areas.


or download the training for Windows, Mac or Linux

Bioforce, whose mandate is to train humanitarian actors working in crisis situations, is making the STOP COVID-19 learning tool available to this wide range of actors working directly with the affected populations. Our objective is to rapidly provide those frontline actors with the means to inform and protect efficiently and safely.

“STOP COVID-19 – Essentials for the prevention and control of the virus” is a learning tool that is:

In self-study format to adapt to the rhythm and availability of all potential users.

Free and on-line making it easy to share and access, and encouraging social distancing reflexes. Compatible with desktop and tablet computers, and smartphones. The contents are downloadable and can be accessed through external disks in case of internet connexion difficulties.

Rapid two to three hours to cover the essential elements related to prevention and control of the virus and be in a capacity to communicate effectively within the community.

Practical it provides response teams with clear and objective information on the virus and its effects, and practical resources for implementing preventive measures at local community level.

Comprehensive the virus, modes of transmission, personal protection measures and transmission contexts, practical and collective measures for prevention at community level, resources (further information, practical examples and tools).


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